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For fifty years, following self-government in 1921, the law in Ireland had clearly reflected the teaching of the Catholic Church; abortion, contraception and homosexual activity were all prohibited by statute, while there was a specific constitutional ban on the enactment of divorce legislation. In 1973, however, the Supreme Court ruled that the statutory ban on the importation of contraceptives was in violation of a constitutional right to privacy, and it became evident that family planning legislation would have to be enacted to take account of this ruling.

1990). In addition, women with HIV may experience feelings of depression and guilt at not being able to cope with their varied roles (mother, partner, carer). Terminally ill women with children (or other dependents) have to face their death with many more pressing worries than perhaps those without dependents. There were many cases discussed where mothers were beginning to develop symptoms, but had not yet managed to discuss their probable death with their children. Carers found their silence exceptionally difficult with which to deal.

Even if one assumes that the only HIVpositive women in Ireland at this time were the 118 women deemed to be intravenous drug users, this still suggests that women made up more than 14 per cent of all those who tested HIV-positive, a proportion which was more than twice that reported in the United States and Britain at this time. The aim of this Dublin study—in common with those of the various British centres enlisted by ISDD—was to ascertain the views of those who cared for HIV-positive women as to what was involved in this task.

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