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By J. X. Thomas Jr. Ph.D., M. W. Gerdisch (auth.), Gerd Heusch, John Ross Jr. (eds.)

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This seminal contribution has subsequently led to a plethora of studies dealing with the development of specific agents which block these receptors, and to more recent findings indicating that there are additional subclasses for both the IX- and p-adrenergic receptor [51, 79]. More recently, IX- and p-adrenergic receptor subtypes have been cloned and their structures within membranes have been proposed based on hydrophobic exclusion studies [14, 40, 41, 61]. Results over the last decade have also indicated that these adrenergic receptor subtypes can exist in a variety of different states and can be cycled intracellulariy, leading to both sensitization and desensitization of the receptor [71].

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Adrenergic Mechanisms in Myocardial Ischemia by J. X. Thomas Jr. Ph.D., M. W. Gerdisch (auth.), Gerd Heusch, John Ross Jr. (eds.)

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