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By Anthony Campbell MRCP(UK) FF Hom

ISBN-10: 075065242X

ISBN-13: 9780750652421

A pragmatic guide describing the foundations and perform of recent clinical acupuncture. This e-book frees the practitioner from dependence on rule of thumb and builds on present scientific wisdom. Demystifying the needling method, this e-book demonstrates fast yet powerful therapy of these problems for which acupuncture is acceptable.

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Nevertheless, it is an invasive procedure and this means that certain dangers are inevitably present (Hagen & Peukar, 1999). Most are relevant to the patient, but some apply to the person carrying out the treatment, who is at risk of needle-stick injury. Infection Bacterial infections Bacterial infections are very rare indeed provided disposable needles are used. The needles should not, of course, be inserted through areas of skin that are obviously infected. Needles should also not be inserted into joint cavities unless full antiseptic precautions are taken, but this form of treatment is in any case unnecessary and undesirable.

There are probably several of these brain-stem systems but two are well known. One is mediated by serotonin and involves midline bodies of neurons including the periaqueductal grey and the nucleus raphe magnus; the other is mediated by noradrenaline and descends on either side of the midline, through the gigantocellular and paragigantocellular nuclei; the locus coeruleus in the pons is also part of this system. Both these systems ultimately act on the SG cells in the posterior horns of the spinal cord.

This is considerably different from what happens in everyday clinical practice, when manual acupuncture is often used and 28 Acupuncture in Practice is repeated on a number of occasions. It is this long-term effect of acupuncture which is particularly difficult to explain. Various mechanisms have been suggested to explain the persistence of pain relief in clinical practice. For example, there could be long-term depression of the superficial dorsal horn by low-frequency stimulation of afferent A fibres and induction of messenger RNA for opioid peptide expression.

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