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By Val Hopwood PhD FCSP Dip Ac Nanjing

ISBN-10: 0750653280

ISBN-13: 9780750653282

This publication permits readers to increase their perform via expanding their realizing of acupuncture and indicating the place and the way it is going to profit their sufferers. not like many vague acupuncture texts, this publication makes the assimilation of information of chinese and clinical philosophies effortless.

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Although sweat is associated with great physical effort, a high ambient temperature or internal fever, in fact it is discharged through the pores in a continual though imperceptible process. TCM theory considers sweat to be the fluid of the Heart. A deficiency of Heart Yang Qi can lead to night sweats. The production of sweat is considered to be dependent on Jin fluids being ‘steamed out’ by Yang energy. This Yang energy is provided mostly by the Kidney. The Yin fluids are derived from the Essence (Jing Qi) and from the ingested food and fluid.

13). Most modern researchers would be unwilling even to mention the word, and previous studies have stipulated only that ‘acupuncture’ was used for the treatment group. In an attempt to assess acupuncture by using a selection of points that could be expected to work clinically, given the empirical clinical evidence available, more recent research advice now stipulates that the type of acupuncture being used must elicit ‘DeQi’, or the sensation of the arrival of Qi, at the acupoint. This is included in a document recently published, the STRICTA guidelines, which recommend what constitutes good acupuncture practice in the context of research (MacPherson et al 2002).

Tears are often referred to as the fluid of the Liver, because the Liver opens into the eyes. Tears arising from hurt or anger have been termed Liver Yin Rising, although this is not a frequently described syndrome. Tears from emotional upset are considered normal. They can also be caused by pathological Wind, Heat, Wind Cold invasion or Excess Fire in the Liver or Gall Bladder channels, or by any other condition that forces the upward movement of Body fluid. Liver Blood may fail to rise and nourish the eyes, causing watering of the eyes.

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