A Handbook of Operative Surgery and Surgical Anatomy. With by Karuna K. Chatterji PDF

By Karuna K. Chatterji

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23). Comment :—(1) The vessel lies deeply in the neck and renders the operation dangerous and difficult. (2) The inferior thyreoid and the internal jugular veins may obscure the view of the artery. (3) Other points of comment apply to this as to the previous operation. (4) I n some cases of ligature of the common carotid, hemiplegia may follow due to extension of thrombus from the site of ligature along internal carotid to the cerebral arteries, an attenuated form of infection being a probable factor.

Pass the needle from behind forwards. ) and cirsoid aneurysm of the scalp. SURGICAL ANATOMY I t comes off as a posterior branch of the external carotid from a point corresponding to the branching of the facial. I t makes an upwards course under cover of the digastric and stylo-hyoid muscles to the interval between the transverse process of t h e atlas and the mastoid process. I t then turns backwards, lying a t first in a groove of the temporal bone and then on the complexus (semispinalis capitis) being covered by the posterior cervical muscles.

Now, divide the deep fascia taking care not to injure the external jugular vein which lies superficial to it. Retract the sterno-mastoid forwards and define the scalenus anticus (anterior) at the carotid tubercle. Displace the carotid sheath inwards. The artery can be felt immediately below the tubercle. Pass the needle from without inwards, keeping clear of the veins. Comment :—(1) The artery is deep in situation and there is a fair amount of venous oozing. (2) Relax the muscles of the neck in order to get as good a view as possible.

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