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This can be a ground-level, practice-oriented presentation of Tibetan Buddhism—personal and extremely available. The ebook starts with the awakening of scholars' curiosity in spirituality and the preliminary come across with Tibetan Buddhism, then leads us via all of the steps useful for profitable perform within the West. integrated is succinct tips on discovering a suitable instructor, receiving empowerments, turning into energetic in a middle, and launching and maintaining a Vajrayana perform. precise emphasis is put on the aptitude pitfalls, and the awesome advantages, of the guru-disciple dating.

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Experiences like this are one thing; recognizing buddha-nature is another. By its very nature it's ineffable. We can easily fool ourselves into believing we understand when, in fact, we don't. Only a deeply realized master can clarify these points for you. We would consider someone foolish who tried to teach himself medicine or a foreign language. How much more difficult is the stabilization of buddha-nature! Second, the guru acts as a role model. He embodies everything we strive for. If he did it, so can we!

They represent a bewildering number of lineages and bear an equally bewildering number of titles. Since it seems quite valid to examine these credentials before going further, let us examine these lineages and titles as a first step in establishing the bona fides of any particular teacher. Traditionally,we are supposed to examine a teacher carefully before taking Vajrayana teachings and empowerments from him; in the modern world that may not be possible, and we' may have to judge more quickly based on credentials and reputation.

Don't think some teachings or teachers are better than others. What possible benefit can come from thinking like this? Just consider that the wide variety of teachers, teachings, and techniques are available to suit the various needs of diverse beings; thus, no hierarchy is implied. They are like different medicines for different illnesses. Especially maintain pure perception and respect toward the Vajrayana. Some people think that it is an aberration of the Buddha's teaching or, at best, a merging of Buddhism with Hinduism and Bonpo.

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