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By Xu Y., Bao W.

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Dieses Buch enthält die so genannte höhere Mathematik, additionally die über das einfache Rechnen hinausgehende Mathematik, deren Lehre gewöhnlich in den letzten Schuljahren begonnen und in den ersten Studiensemestern erweitert und vertieft wird. Nach einer Einführung in die mathematische Sprache werden Arithmetik, Algebra, Geometrie und Infinitesimalrechnung behandelt.

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Nevertheless, a Bayesian point of view may be considered in order to estimate the rate λ of the homogeneous Poisson process. In that direction, P´erez-Mu˜noz [62] considers λ an unknown quantity and assigns to it a Gamma prior distribution with hyperparameters α and β that are considered to be known and are given by the researcher. Hence, the parameter to be estimated is θ = λ . The observed data D are composed of the number of ozone exceedances of the threshold of interest that occurred in the period of 1 year.

K) Therefore, the posterior distribution of θ is proportional to a Gamma distribution with parameters (α + k) and (β + 1). 2) setting s = 1. The hyperparameters of the prior distribution of θ are obtained by taking advantage of the fact that the mean and variance of a Gamma(α , β ) density are given, respectively, by μ = α /β and σ 2 = α /β 2 . Hence, we can calculate the empirical mean and variance of the number of surpassings per year of the threshold of interest during the observed years.

For instance, if we have T years of measurements, then for ni the number of exceedances of the threshold of interest in the ith year (i = 1, 2, . . , T ), the empirical mean is μ = (1/T ) ∑Ti=1 ni . 28 3 Poisson Models and Their Application to Ozone Data A similar calculation is given for the empirical variance (see for instance [65]). Then, using the relation between μ and σ 2 and α and β we solve the system of equations to obtain the hyperparameters α and β of the Gamma prior distribution. In [62] data from the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City were used.

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