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A finished 3G instant expertise advisor for community and telecom pros.

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The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) presents how to automate and deal with the community configurations of units that use the TCP/IP protocol suite. with out DHCP, community directors needs to manually input in IP addresses for every desktop and community gadget after which manually switch that tackle whenever the equipment is moved to another a part of the community.

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Those speakers can typically reproduce sounds in the frequency range from 20 Hz at the low end to 20,000 Hz at the high end. Some of the really expensive speakers have an even greater frequency range. However, because most humans cannot hear frequencies above 20,000 Hz, I am not quite sure why customers pay extra money to reproduce sounds that they cannot even hear. Maybe they pay the extra money for the listening enjoyment of their household dog. " The answer is twofold. First, if we sampled more times per second in order to reproduce higher frequencies (that is, frequencies above 4 kHz), the additional required samples would consume more bandwidth.

Competing with the Reliability of Existing Phone Systems The perception of many in business today is that VoIP simply isn't reliable enough to support the telecommunication demands of a corporate environment. After all, corporate PBX systems are considered highly reliable, but how many times in a month do you hear users say, "My e-mail isn't working," "The Internet is down," or "I can't print to the network printer"? Because of such past frustrations with data network applications, this perception of unreliability has unfortunately carried forward to any new application running on the data network, such as VoIP.

Oversampling c. Glare d. Quantization 8. A solid hour of voice conversation is the definition of which of the following terms? a. GoS b. PSQM c. Erlang d. Centum Call Second 9. A company's monthly phone bill indicates that the company's total phone usage for the month was 10,000 minutes. " a. 68 call minutes b. 87 call minutes c. 360 call minutes d. 22 call minutes 10. Which of the following CODECs produces the best voice quality? a. 723 b. 711 c. 729 d. 726 Chapter 3. Paving the Pathway to a Voice over IP Network What You Will Learn After reading this chapter, you should be able to Describe how VoIP can compete with the reliability of traditional PBX systems.

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